A great day at The Long Term Conditions Conference 2012!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit our stand at the Long Term Conditions conference on 1st February.  Long Term Conditions Conference 2012It was very well attended, with lots of interest in our products and the demonstration of our telemedicine solutions.

To read more about Long Term Conditions and how telehealth can greatly benefit patients who suffer with these conditions, see The Department of Health’s Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) Programme headline findings document.

Lancashire & Cumbria Stroke Network’s Telestroke Solution from MultiSense Communications

We are really proud to have developed, in consultation with Lancashire & Cumbria Stroke Network the MultiSense Communications’ Telestroke Remote Consultation Solution. This has been implemented within Lancashire & Cumbria Stroke Network, who have produced a ‘Good Practice Telestroke Case Study’.  So many patients have already benefited from the Telestroke implementation and these numbers are increasing daily, here are the latest patient figures.

Polycom HDX from MultiSense Communications - vital for remote consultation of patients

Communicating with others, especially at work, is changing

We’ve recently read a two part report about the way videoconferencing has changed how people communicate with each other, especially at work. 


With over 16 years of experience in the supply and support of videoconferencing, we know that there are a great number of benefits that will be realised by people using videoconferencing.

It has been widely documented that in the UK we work much longer hours than some of our European counterparts – videoconferencing is a fantastic way of redressing the work-life balance that seems to be somewhat weighted in favour of work.  Imagine, if you will, you are required to attend a 2 hour meeting at one of your company’s other offices, which is 2 hours drive away.  Assuming you were to work an 8 hour day – 75% of your day will be taken up attending this meeting, when really it should only have been 25%, had you used videoconferencing.  Also then take into account the savings of other costs – travel including fuel, wear and tear on the car, road tolls and subsistence and the reduction in carbon emissions by not travelling.
traffic jams can be avoided when you use videoconferencing

Traffic jams can be avoided when you use videoconferencing

We are not by any means suggesting that you never travel again, far from it, but by replacing, for example, even one in every three meetings with videoconferencing the time and cost savings that will be made are enormous.  If you would like to read more, here are the two parts [part 1] [part 2] of the report mentioned above, why not give us a call and we can show you just how much your organisation could save by investing in this technology.

Polycom goes mobile!

We’ve all been loving using our iPad2 with Polycom’s new Real Presence mobile app.

Polycom goes mobile with first enterprise software solution for Apple, Motorola Mobility, and Samsung Tablets that lets users enjoy HD Video Collaboration from anywhere.  Click here to view a short clip.